Usability Review: SoundCloud API

After last month’s Dropbox API review, we’re now publishing the conclusions of usability testing SoundCloud API. Tests have again been conducted by API Usability Testing, which offer remote API usability testing performed by a broad range of software developers with different experience and qualifications.

SoundCloud API usability tests were performed by developers with a range of experience of five to twelve years working with all the major programming languages. All tests were performed using Ruby on different platforms.

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Time To Leave Your Keys At Home Or Better Yet Trash Them Forever

This post originally appeared on Andree’s personal blog. You can follow him here @andreehuk.

Apple‘s design goal is to create holistic and consistent experiences. Apple focuses exclusively on devices and services that they can control. In fact, this control actually has likely increased as Walt Mossberg writes about WWDC 2014 on re/code.

picture courtesy Ryan Ozawa

picture courtesy Ryan Ozawa

Customers are being enticed more and more to stay within the Apple ecosystem (ideally with more iDevices down the road). However, TouchID will make this holistic experience even more convenient, stickier if you like.

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Usability Review: Dropbox API

We’ve teamed up with API Usability Testing to offer you usability reviews for different APIs. API Usability Testing offer remote API usability testing where tests are performed by a broad range of software developers who have different experience and qualifications.

We’re starting with the Dropbox API and we’ll be doing it for other providers on a regular basis. Please get in touch If you’d like to see a review of a specific API.

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APIdays speaker highlight: Leah Culver

To give you a feeling of what to expect at the APIdays Mediterranea conference we’ve talked with Leah Culver, who will be in Barcelona representing Dropbox. Leah will be speaking on May 30 at 12:00 so make sure you don’t miss it.

Leah Culver (picture courtesy women 2.0)

Leah Culver (picture courtesy women 2.0)

Leah is best known for having created Pownce back in 2007. Among other things, she then launched Convore and She’s now working at Dropbox, helping developers use their APIs more efficiently.

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