APIdays speaker highlight: Jordi Romero

To give you a feeling of what to expect at the APIdays Mediterranea conference we’ve talked with Jordi Romero, who will be in Barcelona representing Redbooth.

What is your role at Redbooth? Do you deal with APIs on a daily basis?

Jordi: My title says VP of Business Development and Platform, which actually translates into building partnerships with other software vendors or any other company that can add value to our customers or help us grow faster.

For that we do have a dedicated team that actively constructs those relationships but we also work on building a better platform to integrate with.

Can you tell us a bit about your presentation at APIdays Mediterranea?

Jordi: The goal for the presentation is to understand what business development is evolving to in the software world, where most new business services are accessible as a service and have great integration capabilities.

We’ll look at what should a start-up or a grown business do in order to be ahead of the competition by leveraging said partnerships, and we’ll look at successful examples for different stages and types of company.

In your opinion, how can APIs help business development?

Jordi: The same way prepackaged software and custom development is being replaced by productized “software as a service” offerings, APIs are there to enable “self-service” integration portals that replaces previous one to one dedicated partnerships.

Business deals still require a more formal relationship between two companies, but any new project today can launch integrated with Google Drive, box, Salesforce, etc. without needing the phone number of some exec in those companies.

Join us on May 29 & 30, 2014 in Barcelona to meet Jordi and dozens of other great speakers at APIdays Mediterranea! Use code APIUXAPI to get a 30% discount!

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