APIdays speaker highlight: Romain Huet

To give you a feeling of what to expect at the APIdays Mediterranea conference we’ve talked with Romain Huet, who will be in Barcelona representing Twitter.

Romain Huet with drone

Romain Huet with the twitter drone (picture courtesy 3scale)

Romain, aka The API Magician, is known for his intriguing, mind bending stage tricks, including making things fly before your eyes!

Please tell me a bit about your role at Twitter: how is it related with the Twitter API?

Romain: As a Developer Advocate at Twitter, I help developers, startups and partners build amazing experiences on the Twitter platform. This includes use of the Twitter APIs but also our content products such as Twitter Cards, as well as our powerful tools for mobile developers like Crashlytics’ mobile app crash reporting (acquired by Twitter on January 2013).

On the Developer Relations team, we are all developers at heart and we love engaging with other developers, whether it’s online or through conferences and presentations, and enabling them to be successful on the Twitter platform.

Can you unveil any details about your presentation at APIdays Mediterranea?

Romain: Twitter is a global, real-time platform. One of the things that fascinates me the most about Twitter is that it’s a direct reflection of what’s happening in our world at any given time.

In this talk, I will present how Twitter APIs give developers the opportunity to tap into “the pulse of the planet” and use that data in very innovative ways. I will highlight a few remarkable products built on the platform and perform some live (and flying!) demos using the Streaming APIs to inspire the audience and unleash their creativity.

Speaking at APIdays Paris, API Strategy Amsterdam, and more recently at APIdays Berlin, have been great opportunities to meet fantastic groups of people, so I am really excited to talk at this new edition of APIdays and connect with the local developer community.

I am looking forward to meeting everyone in Barcelona!

Join us on May 29 & 30, 2014 in Barcelona to meet Romain and dozens of other great speakers at APIdays Mediterranea! Use code APIUXAPI to get a 30% discount!

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