APIdays speaker highlight: Leah Culver

To give you a feeling of what to expect at the APIdays Mediterranea conference we’ve talked with Leah Culver, who will be in Barcelona representing Dropbox. Leah will be speaking on May 30 at 12:00 so make sure you don’t miss it.

Leah Culver (picture courtesy women 2.0)

Leah Culver (picture courtesy women 2.0)

Leah is best known for having created Pownce back in 2007. Among other things, she then launched Convore and Grove.io. She’s now working at Dropbox, helping developers use their APIs more efficiently.

Please explain what is your current role at Dropbox and how APIs are a part of it.

Leah: I’m a Developer Advocate at Dropbox and my role involves helping developers work with Dropbox APIs. My team specifically helps by answering questions through our forums, Stack Overflow, Twitter, and support channels.

We write blog posts and create demo applications that show off new features or help with common issues when integrating Dropbox APIs. We also give talks about Dropbox APIs at developer-focused events.

Can you tell us what your presentation at APIdays Mediterranea will be about?

Leah: My talk is about using Dropbox APIs with mobile applications. I’ll be speaking about the history of Dropbox APIs and our first API, the Core API.

I’ll then explain why Dropbox built a couple new APIs and why those APIs work well for mobile applications.

How do you comment on Dropbox’s latest API change, adding full webhook support?

Leah: I’m thrilled with the launch of webhooks. It’s something developers have been asking for, for a long time (years!). Webhooks make it much more efficient for web applications to get notified of changes to a user’s Dropbox and are particularly great when working with multiple users.

It’s been exciting to see developers start using webhooks with Dropbox and we hope that more developers will take advantage of the feature in the future.

Join us on May 30, 2014 in Barcelona to meet Leah and dozens of other great speakers at APIdays Mediterranea! Use code APIUXAPI to get a 30% discount!

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