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APIdays speaker highlight: Romain Huet

To give you a feeling of what to expect at the APIdays Mediterranea conference we’ve talked with Romain Huet, who will be in Barcelona representing Twitter.

Romain Huet with drone

Romain Huet with the twitter drone (picture courtesy 3scale)

Romain, aka The API Magician, is known for his intriguing, mind bending stage tricks, including making things fly before your eyes!

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API Days Berlin

The Programmable web is changing everything, the way we work with each other, the way we consume, the way we live our lives. But first it is fundamentally changing how the economy works.


Disrupting classic norms of hierarchy, competition and collaboration; web Application Programming Interfaces are defining a new technical and commercial access and relation between applications developers and companies.

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Nordic APIs conference wrap-up

The biggest Nordic APIs conference to date was held in Stockholm, Sweden 18-19 September, 2013. As one of the organizers I am proud to say everything went very well and that we did what we set out to do – which was to create a place for the API community in the Nordics to meet in person.

During the conference there were a few themes that emerged – that APIs are about more than technology, that the security stack is maturing and that we have a strong API community.

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